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Legwarmers handknitted sheep wool

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Organic + Fairtrade

Material -Fabric

100% Merino Wool


Wonderfully warm, Moisture absorbing


A sustainable fashion solution to keep warm through the winter


  • brand NUQI slow fashion
  • in stock
  • color off white
  • origin Peru

Looking for wool leg warmers ladies? NUQI slow fashion knitted leg warmers are made of soft Andean Highland organic wool. Specially designed and hand knit for your slow fashion comfort.

NUQI slow fashion wool knit leg warmers give you the comfort and warmth you need in a stylish way. Use them wherever and whenever you want, during your yoga practice, dance workout or just at home on the couch. The knitted foot pad provides extra warmth under the sole of the foot so that in addition to warm legs with these knitted leg warmers, you will no longer suffer from cold feet.

Make a statement with your wool leg warmers

Use the knitted wool leg warmers your way all year round as well as, for example, on a cool summer evening outdoors.

Prevent sore muscles with your NUQI slow fashion knit leg warmers

Ideal for dance training due to the open heel and open toes. These long yoga socks, leg warmers hand knitted from sheep's wool keep the leg muscles in your lower legs and joints warm and the feet dry while dancing reducing the risk of injury. Sheep wool is naturally a dirt-repellent material so you don't have to wash your leg warmers often. A sustainable fashion - and user-friendly choice.


The Andean Highland wool fiber we use is special because it has the strength and resilience of Corriedale wool, combined with the wearable softness of merino wool. The most commonly used sheep's wool is merino wool. Andean Highland wool is just a little stronger and thus better suited for knitted leg warmers. It does not itch, therefore you do not have to worry about the wool causing irritation.


One size: Length 55cm from heel to top


Comfort fit

Natural wool color

The wool knit leg warmers are made in the natural wool color. We made this choice consciously because then no dyeing process is needed during production. The wool comes from the Peruvian countryside locally located near Ayacucho where the social workshop that hand knits the NUQI slow fashion products is located.

Washing instructions

Wash your knitted leg warmers with:

Cold or lukewarm water (max 30 degrees.
Add a wool detergent.
Immerse garment in water for about 5 minutes.
Rinse detergent from garment with cold or lukewarm water.
Do not rub to avoid lint.

A slow fashion mentality that matches conscious shopping and a sustainable lifestyle

Durable Features


  • 100% organic GOTS
  • Fair trade produced
  • Small production numbers
  • Zero waste
  • Handmade
  • Socially engaged
  • Environmentally friendly packaging

NUQI slow fashion produces its wool knit leg warmers from 100% animal-friendly organic wool in a clean and fair fair trade production chain with consideration for people, animals and the environment.

NUQI slow fashion small stock, avoid pointless waste

Slow fashion brands and fast fashion brands are completely opposite of each other. Fast fashion is made in large quantities, is very trend-sensitive and very cheap. Good quality is less important. It therefore represents today's society where mass consumption is the norm. Slow fashion is all about quality, timeless designs, fair production and sustainability.

We work with a minimum stock so the product sells out quickly. The more sustainable clothing sold compared to fast fashion, the better. Therefore, we choose to do a small production of each product and launch a new one as soon as the product is sold out.

Sustainable clothing for everyone

We make it possible for everyone to buy sustainable products. We do this by offering every new product at a substantial discount for the first month. After the first month, the offer disappears and the product remains available online for a while at the regular price.

The reason is simple and sustainable: we are against overproduction so there is no waste. All of our materials are used or reused. This zero waste stance enhances our ability to offer our customers a fair price for our sustainable clothing while respecting natural resources.
All products are certified organic and/or fair trade.



  • One size fits all
  • Length 55 cm from heel to top

Durable Material:

  • 100% Andean highland wool
  • Animal friendly produced, non mulesed
  • Fineness, 2/3.5 nm
  • Needle thickness, 20

Washing instructions:

  • Hand wash in lukewarm water with a wool detergent.

Mapping our sustainable production:

  • Raw wool: Andean highlands - Peru
  • Wool top with label: Inka Tops - Arequipa - Peru
  • Wash: Inka Tops - Arequipa - Peru
  • Spiders: Inka Tops - Arequipa - Peru
  • Hand knitting: Non-profit atelier Manta - Ayacucho - Peru
  • Social project management: Solid Crafts - Ghent - Belgium

Country of origin:

  • Peru / Andean Highlands

Nuqi Brand durable knit leg warmers made by studio Manta, Ayacucho in rural Peru

Studio Manta, our sustainable and social fair trade production in Ayacucho, Peru

NUQI slow fashion wool knit leg warmers are made in studio Manta, Ayacucho in rural Peru.

All women have their own life story

The social workshop employs women who are able to gain and maintain their financial independence through their knitting. All women have their own life story. Because they are mostly single mothers, the atelier also provides childcare. As with childcare, there is health care and education to help the women move forward.

You buy it because you want to contribute a little to the world and to the people á behind your garment.

Every pair of knitted wool leg warmers sold online gives personal support to the creator.
Will you join us? Place your pair of wool leg warmers in the cart and receive your purchase in eco-friendly fashion packaging

Make the world a little better again!

Andes Highland raw organic wool is mined and processed in Peru.

NUQI slow fashion would like to let you know where our knitted wool leg warmers for women come from.

We are transparent about the origin of the wool to the sustainable fashion production. Andean Highland raw wool is sourced and processed in Peru according to the rules of the GOTS label.

Generates work for more than a thousand families in Peru

The raw wool is then spun by Inca Tops in Peru. Learn more. > Inca tops employs more than a thousand families in Peru.

Through their social responsibility programs, they contribute to the social advancement of many workers, including small knitting companies and entrepreneurs, and especially rural families.

The yarn is then transported from Inka Tops to atelier Manta, a sustainable social hand knitting and crochet studio in Ayacucho, Peru, where our NUQI slow fashion knitted wool leg warmers are produced.

Read more about our sustainable wool fashion online in our journal

> Go to our journal

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