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Christmas in Ayacucho, Peru.

How do knitting moms, who produce slow fashion for NUQI, actually celebrate Christmas?

Does it resemble our tradition, is it not celebrated, or is something else happening?


In Peru, Christmas is celebrated simply as it is with us. The feast is also spread over 2 days here.

Christmas in Peru is primarily a family celebration. A typical family tradition is to drink and eat "chocolatao" with "paneton" on December 24 and 25. Many families in Ayacucho are religious and attend mass together.

How do the knitting moms celebrate Christmas? They like to dance in honor of Jesus. The special festive clothes they wear to do so were made especially for this gathering. The clothing is important to them because they like to dress up for this gathering. They love to socialize with the whole family. This is an important moment for them.

How knitting moms celebrate Christmas
How knitting moms celebrate Christmas

Christmas presents for the knitting moms

Nonprofit organization Solid crafts, which runs the workshop in Ayacucho, distributes Christmas gifts to knitting moms. This includes a coupon to buy a turkey from a local farmer. They are not likely to buy one themselves because of the high price they would otherwise have to pay.

During Christmas, it is summer in Peru. Palm trees adorned with Christmas decorations, Christmas market and nativity scenes in the main square in Ayacucho describe the cozy summer Christmas atmosphere in which residents stroll and enjoy themselves.

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